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Meanwhile these actors will be taking up roles for the first time...

Fans have been speculating who the Jedi referenced in the title could be.Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican tweeted: “Carrie Fisher has some unforgettable moments as [email protected] Himself is crushing as a Luke who’s more broken and lost than your action figures from the ’70s. #lastjedi” Erik Davis of the film blog Fandango commented: “#The Last Jedi is absolutely fantastic – gripping, touching, funny and powerful w/ gorgeous shots and the most badass battles. Hands down the best #Star Wars movie since Empire” Hype is at an all-time high, so of course fans have been scouring the stunning new movie poster with a fine-toothed comb for clues about the new film."It’s certainly more satisfying and easily the most emotional."People desperate to learn whether this, the second in it’s trilogy, is the traditional “dark” offering may be surprised to learn that whilst yes, s**t gets very real, The Last Jedi is also the funniest by a million parsecs." Our Star Wars correspondent mostly agreed, and said: "Despite being much too long and occasionally drifting into the CGI hell of the prequels, it’s a great Star Wars movie which will satisfy the fans who grew up with the originals, as well as kids who aren’t burdened by nostalgia." Critics meanwhile have been tweeting their reactions.

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