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lahat tayo ayaw naten maloko syempre maglalabas tayo ng pera, tiwala lang talaga,napaka proffesional nilang kausap at may isang salita sila,next week try q na ung meds sana maging success .. im really afraid and i promise this will be my first and last :(”to all people around the world,this is my second feedback i want to help also to the women like me i got pregnant at the wrong time, i recommend this website as. I asked them when will I get it, and they said they'll text it to me today. :( I'll be posting any updates regarding this matter.”5 days delayed since my supposed period. but to tell you honestly up to the time we used the medicine i was still in doubt that the medicines were real.maraming salamat sa inyo.”3 star for today since i just sent the payment. 100% legit, truthful, fast, safe med and very effective.i been said thank you in million times.”3 stars muna kasi I'm still waiting for my tracking number and package. May 1 - took PT, positive May 2 - contacted the seller. but after 3 hrs after using the medicines bleeding started and now were still recovering.

:) mag mmessage po ulit ako once na makuha ko na yung Meds. It might not be right pero mahirap talaga if you push for it.. Wag na kayong mapraning sa tracking# as soon as nasakinla naman na un they will provide it to you. I search for the online seller to buy genuine medicines. I thought it was a scam but I was wrong, properly and quickly received my package. It was so painful as I can never imagine but when I delivered 12 wks fetus I felt so sad and yet so thankful. 7 days of heavy to mild bleeding, then another 3 days of light spotting. ”at first we were scammed, so we tried to look for another seller then there we saw this site.

Nasa last part nako ng meds and ok na ang pakiramdam ko at nakahinga nako ng maluwag. Thank you po ulit”got a lot of thanks for this team! Thank you to the people behind this sites and contact numbers may good things come your way for helping someone like me more power! sobrang doubt ako at first dahil nascamm na aq sa isang website ung ph..nawalan ako ng 2700.nagtry aq magtrust sa site na to and hndi ako nagkamali..legit sila..i got my complete package.katxt ko sila while im doing the procedure...overnyt lang..natapos ang problem ko..lumabas na sya..parang walang nangyare..thanks! It was a decision that we thought of really carefully. 2nd day (last night) using the miso, I had cramps then it was successful. very reliable .half procedure palang ako nilabas q na lahat... Actually, nag research ko kung asagyudkomakapalitugtambal for abortion. Thankfully, the tracking number arrived exactly on the time specified. Aun at hnd nga aq nagkamali.efectv tlga salamat s bumuo mdami pa kaung matulungan.”I sent my payment 9AM Today and i will get my tracking number tonight around 7-8PM. i was so worried when i sent my payment and i thought that they wouldn't contact me anymore once they confirm my payment. i sent my payment at around 12noon, and i got my tracking number around 6pm.

i've been pregnant for 12 weeks and tried a lot of abortion procedure and spent big amount of money just to stop this pregnancy but all of this was not successful! ”I was extremely wary at first about ordering from this website, but the delivery of the medications was super fast, package is complete, and the meds worked as stated on most medical websites. Very reliable im just like others who try and never been dismayed. Im one of those who experienced long time results when im on step2 but they still guide me what to do until it became a success. ”Nagbase lang din ako sa mga feedbacks hopefully mareceive ko mamaya ang tracking number bago pa kasi ako nag send ngaun lanv 4pm will update u guys if okay na. We still live under our parents roof and we aint that stable yet to provide. I bumped with this site and all I can say is LEGIT sila. I'm still having light bleeding now and will take the prescribed meds later in the evening. nung una nakaka kaba pero tiwala lang ang kailangan magkakaron ng kasagutan ang prob. Mu try ta koatong herbal but murag di namankayanun since I am 9wk5d preggyna. I purchased Kit2 and I hope it would be effective for 4 weeks pregnant. at past 7am in the morning the nxt day, my package was already for pick up.

Natakot akong sumugal pero mas takot akong maging ama. Sa lahat ng nagbabasa nito, oo nakakatakot bumili sa net, baka scam, pero ibahin nyo to. I understand that whoever is reading this is quite doubtful, aside from there is no other website who looks professional as this, you also don't have much choice but to trust the reviews. I admire how you talk professionally with your clients. ”Sobrang salamat sa tulong, hindi lang sila nagbebenta iaassist ka pa at i guide sa lahat. Im a mother of two and been early to have a third one thats y ive decided to do this. because of the customer feedback puros positive”5 star for this site! I ended it with the guy, my bf loved me even though I messed up alot. At 8pm; and now the package was already delivered to me. Purchased kit#2 and maybe will do the procedure tomorrow night. First nag doubt kopero I trusted my instincts gyud. The anxiety from waiting for the tracking number was suffocating. Hnd aq nagdlawang icp na umorder ng kit 3 ..very profecional ang tngn q.

I suggest that you read online documents too about these products for you to understand the procedure. Thanks for giving me a choice and for supporting me throughout the entire procedure. I just wanted to thank you guys for quick response. Very reliable im just like others who try and never been dismayed. Im one of those who experienced long time results when im on step2 but they still guide me what to do until it became a success. natapos ko na after 1 week ang procedure at ngayon bleeding parin ko waiting nalang matapos to para i check kung negative na ko so happy :) ”Misoprostoland mifeprestonephilippines! Thank you sa Team nyo, kahit nagkaron ng problema dahil sa layo ng lugar ko still, nag success naman ang procedure Thank you so much! ”Sent my payment yesterday at around 4pm, received thru text my tracking no. I will be waiting for the tracking number tomorrow and hope that the meds will help me go through this dilemma. I am not really into giving feedbacks online but I bet this team is worthy for my feedback since they helped me a lot throughout the process being patient on answering my questions. Having lost almost all hope, I decided to purchase kit #3 from this site. Thank you for giving me a choice.”Unang kita ko plang s site na to naging panatag aq na my sagot s problema q.

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