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Ultimately, it’s not about the social shifts that are born as a result of technology or generational mindsets.

It’s about the way we navigate that culture while keeping our own needs, desires and sense of self intact.

It’s about having adult conversations and admitting when we’re unsatisfied, pissed off, want something more, or something less.

It’s about respecting our needs, desires, emotions and bodies first and foremost, no exceptions. What isn’t fine, is skimming over or abandoning your core desires or intentions to impress a date or play it cool, assuming that they might be dating or sleeping with a handful of other people at any given time.

We aren’t passengers in our life, and we aren’t victims to a greater culture or trend.

Hell, we are literally connected on every imaginable level. We’ve become masters at saying a lot, without really giving too much away. We love to minimize our sexual expression in favour of just scratching an itch or using an 8 hour courtship as a means to an end.

As I, myself, navigate the dating realm in Toronto — I’ve remained, for the most part, single since moving downtown — I’ve become incredibly familiar with the dating and sexual culture that largely dominates our understanding of millennial relationships.

It’s no secret; I write about it all the time, and my potential male suitors often find themselves nervously asking “Um, you’re not going to write about this, are you?

To get comfortable with everything that we are and everything that we want, and be totally unapologetic about that. If you’re looking for sex, no strings attached, own that.

If you’re craving more from your sexual experiences and the exploration of your sexuality, own that.

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