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(As marching Northeastward from Matagorda Bay, Fort Saint Louis, and sunken ruins of La Salle's ship, La Belle --Both now being excavated and preserved by State of Texas Archeologists); Indeed!La Salle reached Heavener and beyond, as Marching toward hoped for help from French of Illinois and Canada);(4) Recognition that French History Professor, Dr. Gum (of Oklahoma French-Indian heritage)--Via testimony of acclaimed Stephen F. Archie Mc Donald-- also interpreted death location for La Salle as near Heavener (Dr.This picture was from about 1984-1985, With Christine Houser, Jennifer Woodard, Melissa Woodard, and Mary Kay Woodard.

I wanted this picture that I took in year 2000 with Daughter, Jennifer in front of the background of the cliff surrounding the Heavener Runestone, and with my old sketch superimposed, in order to show in approximate scale the Runestone size and surrounding rocky terrain.

The few who had chanced upon it during 1800's and early 1900's wilderness walks or hunting expeditions thought that some strange markings upon it were connected with an old "Indian Rock." After all, even before U. governmental and military, "Trail of Tears," enforced removal of Choctaw Indians from their native lands in Mississippi to this remote wilderness commencing in 1830's, it was already an "Indian Territory." --With some French Indian mixtures. Kemmerer, educated school teacher that he was, knew that it appeared toi nclude a genuine linguistic "riddle" and that it should be decipherable.

--So most of relatively few who viewed the monumental boulder, till time of C. Kemmerer, marveled somewhat at it, but dismisssed it as an Indian oddity not now decipherable. On another sheet Kemmerer drew the Runes as he saw them, not noticing in lichen filled grooves chisel marks that indeed are present, and not noticing fine-lined, highly eroded, heavily-lichen-covered, peripheral engravings to which I will direct attention.

Collitz responded as below: Professor Collitz made only hand written notes.

He designated the eight runes presented him as "Gothic Runes."He suggested that the 2nd from left rune appears most likely to be "i" or "J." He showed the eighth from left Rune as either "L" or "T."If the right side ending is DAL, that is proper Scandinavian spelling for what we would translate as, "Dale" or "Valley," but he also recognized potential for DAT, without recognition of peripheral engravings --which I later picture and discuss-- that could signify an ending on that right side of, "Date" or "Dates."Since I have identified --after years of study-- the Rune Engraver as La Salle Expedition member James or Jimmy (French, Gemme) Hiens, in 1687, one could think that Hiens may have been saying, "Gjome's (Jim's or Jimmy's) Valley (or, Date)." I believe he did intend that as to a portion of his message; however, he especially intended something else, involved with numerical value for first rune on the left, as I later discuss.

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