Queen of egypt dating

This canal is today known as Bar Yosef or Joseph's Canal. It may have carried this name ever since it was dug in the twelfth dynasty.

It could have been the work of Joseph in preparation for the seven years of famine.

From the historical records we learn that Asiatic slaves were used during the twelfth dynasty.

When this system is adopted there is found to be remarkable agreement between the histories of Egypt and Israel.The Egyptians as well as Bible characters, frequently had more than one name."Now there arose up a new king over Egypt which knew not Joseph." Exodus 1:8.In the time of Sesostris I, second king of the 12th dynasty, there is such a record. In his tomb he left an inscription which is very relevant.It reads, "No one was unhappy in my days, not even in the years of famine, for I had tilled all the fields in the nome of Mah, up to its southern and northern frontiers. there is the difference in time, which cannot be made to agree with the days of Joseph." page 158.

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