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(Bloomberg) 5/ Trump's personal tax cut could save him as much as million a year.

Jared Kushner could see his tax burden cut by million, while five other members of Trump's inner circle will see benefits worth as much as .5m from changes to the estate tax.

CHIP covers 9 million children across the country, but Congress failed to authorize new funding in September.

If your life situation changes, you can change your strategy.

(Bloomberg / Politico) 4/ Trump won't sign his "big, beautiful" tax cut before Christmas due to a technical snafu.

He will sign the bill on January 3rd so that automatic spending cuts to Medicare and other programs don't take effect.

Olympia titles, I didn’t write to those Muscular Mustachians about why I couldn’t accomplish those things either.

When I read newspaper articles about the Fifty Billion Dollars that Warren Buffett has earned for his company by being the world’s greatest investor for fifty straight years, I don’t jump into the comments section along with the General Wussypopulace and complain that Warren has led an evil life and doesn’t understand the plight of the common man.

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