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Jackson's money woes caused his biggest headaches as creditors pursued him for millions and he teetered on the brink of bankruptcy.

At least four hotels turned him away when his credit card was declined, say the bodyguards, and phone company AT&T demanded a £3,000 deposit before giving him a mobile phone.

After Michael Jackson's death a starry memorial service was held in Los Angeles.

Bill Whitfield recalls: "I looked around at a lot of celebrities and it made me wonder, where were they when he needed them?

Jackson even had his bodyguards teach him how to use a machine gun.

The King of Pop's life is revealed in Remember The Time by Whitfield and Beard and published today.

They were regular kids, very well mannered, very polite."Jackson's paternity of his children has been widely questioned and Whitfield adds: "When you met the kids you began to wonder but as you got to know them it didn't matter."The signer's greatest desire was to live a "normal" life wishing that he could shop at Walmart and have a beer at a bar.

That's about it."But Jackson had little love for his relatives - his abusive father, his brothers and younger sister dismissed as "Little Janet", say the bodyguards.They reveal he enjoyed secret rendezvous with two women he gave the code names Flower and Friend.According to Whitfield the latter was "drop-dead gorgeous" with an Eastern European accent.Bizarre antics accompanied his every move, according to their new book.Jackson carried a silver briefcase everywhere he went containing the two Oscars from Gone With The Wind that he had bought for nearly £1million in 1999 and another suitcase filled with cash.

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