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The following are the stats for each type of weapon. Base damage formula in case you want to do manual:基礎ダメージ = 攻撃力 * (1 方陣・攻刃 * マグナ) * (1 その他・攻刃 キャラ攻撃力UP) * (1 弱点補正 属性攻撃力UP)Basic Damage = Attack Power * (1 Magna Attack % * Magna Summon) * (1 Other Attack % Character Up) * (1 Elemental Weakness Element Up)30k Attack power45% attack from magna weapons30% attack from other weapons (non-magna weapons)Debuffs Mist from dark fencer (about -25% defense)Summons: Max Tiamat magna summon (100% to wind magna weapons) and max Anat summon (80% to wind).AT Attack Stance - 20% ATK and -40% HPBL Balance Stance - 20% DEF and 20% Double Attack Rate PC Peculiar Stance - Increases resistance to debuffs and increases debuffs accuracy (90 % on off elements it seems) HE Healer Stance - 250 HP Regen and 15% Heal amount DF Defense Stance - 10% HP and 30% DEFGuns and swords are pretty much the most popular since you can use guns with wind/light and swords with earth/light. Enemy: Yggdrasil Magna so we have elemental weakness30,000 * (1 .45 * 100%) * (1 .3) * (1 .5 .8) = 170,430 base damage170,430 * (0.95~1.05) / (15 * (1 -.25)) = 14392 ~ 15907 damage*Original source docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13nun AGUwvm CRoqm Mq_f4t Je56n UYp YDhd Qfx E4X2Ztg/edit#gid=1983747309About Ranko and Critical (thanks to Takurannyan for this info):--------------Critical damage formula : Unlike normal summon that boost your dmg by x %.Even in a Full ougi chan, it also go like that.- I still can't say anything about character critical passive like Vain/Jeanne.Still have no idea how they come into play among all of the RNG activation. It was supposed to be simple, but I am getting carried away now ^^If anyone has something they want me to cover, please feel free to suggest something or maybe ask a question. Some of it i do understand but at most times i'm just lost within the translation. i'd like to suggest if you might look into it onto making a blog on Granblue Fantasy similar to this; onepiece-cruise.au/it would be really helpful for those like me. Hey gebok, I checked out that blog and I can see what you are saying.As far as stacking goes, it is not simple 50% 50% = 100% dmg at once if they both activate in one hit.If normally a skill hit 100k, when both activates, it will go like this :100k 50% dmg = 150kthen150k 50% dmg = 150k 75k = 225k Critical can activate several times in a turn, on different chars as well as within a char (use 2-3 attack skills at once).

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First, every class has two weapons they prefer besides ogre.In order to make it, you need 30 horns from Grande raid. Game will force you to destroy/feed your other one before you can get a different one. Unfortunately it is in japanese, but you can get a decent idea with google translate. There is also a very rare chance for a horn to drop in a gold box. In order to summon Grande, you need mats you get by trading 1 gold anima each from nataku, medusa, flame=glass, D Angel, Maky, and Apollon. Pure Magna w/ no element bonus10 magna magna = 5.510 magna 80% = 7.210 magna 50% = 610 80% 80% = 6.510 80% 50% = 5.8Pure Magna10 magna magna = 8.2510 magna 80% = 9.210 magna 50% = 810 80% 80% = 7.810 80% 50% = 7Ideal ratio7:3 magna magna = 97:3 magna 80% = 10.37:3 magna 50% = 97:3 80% 80% = 9.27:3 80% 50% = 8.3Ideal ratio w/ baha weapon7:3 magna magna = 107:3 magna 80% = 11.47:3 magna 50% = 9.97:3 80% 80% = 10.27:3 80% 50% = 9.2Ideal fire ratio (magna:unknown:normal)6:2:2 magna magna = 9.46:2:2 magna 80% = 10.96:2:2 magna 50% = 9.56:2:2 80% 80% = 106:2:2 80% 50% = 9Ideal fire ratio w/ baha weapon6:2:2 magna 80% = 12.1No element bonus w/ baha weapon, and 3* lucifer/bahamut summon7:3 magna 120% = 10.9 6:4 or 5:5 120% 120% = 11.3 - Pretty much blow every element up My dark weapon pool. It is just a base damage calculator more for theorycrafting than telling you exactly how much damage x skill does. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s4OBk RVgwag Oz EAVL9Htbg FOz Daffjqu3pwbpky Hof Y/edit?Hundreds of events and items make for one hell of a hilarious game!COSMOS WEAPONS (コスモス 武器)All Cosmos weapons add 30% HP/ATK to weapons of the same type. You need quite a few weapons of the same type to get a nice boost from the Cosmos weapons so something like 5 or so will do. Another thing you need to be aware is that you can only have one Cosmos weapon at a time. Increase Rate of success with debuffs 1% / 3% / 5% 9. We would need more variables, but I haven't seen it? usp=sharing Another damage calculator hibin0fc2.com/grbr_atk_calc/atk_calc.html, this one covers pretty much everything in comparison to the excel sheet and is updated.

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