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Red convinced Bob that she was not and Bob went into a state of depression. In Season 7, Midge returned and dated Bob, but left a few episodes later because she did not feel it was right.

Joanne Stupak at the Piggly Wiggly when he bought 12 frozen dinners.

They had a rocky marriage which led Midge to leave Bob in 1978.

Bob was upset with this and believed she was coming back.

She was sent back to California because Donna believed it was better for her.

Bob has had multiple relationships throughout the course of the series, some explained off-screen or before the show took place.

Bob and Donna introduced themselves without Midge as she had her finger caught in something (Tanya Roberts was not on the show anymore).

In, 1977, they later renewed their vows, right before Eric and Donna had lost their virginity to each other.

Their ceremony was colored green and gold in honor of the Green Bay Packers.

Joanne wanted to get back together, but Bob believed he was a desireable man because he received fudge from a secret admirer (It was actually Donna and Jackie trying to cheer him up). In Season 6, Bob met Pam Burkhart, mother of Jackie Burkhart.

Both Jackie and Donna disapproved of the two dating and wanted to separate them.

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